Faint Shadows Of Uncertain Light And Undisclosed Sensations
A portfolio of iconic tetratyches and impetuous photographs of self confident femininity. A subjective perception of human life.


      BLISS    -    A photographic exposure of naked femininity.

The engaging title of this erotic portfolio is easily explained. As it suggests, 'the highest happiness' is established because the model who posed for the photoshoot, BeatrixBliss is an astounding model. 


     UNSHACKLED   -   A man's solitude for reflection. Amongst an English      countryside location with a rich visual quality.

The portfolio 'Unshackled' became an over-whelming desire to undertake since I read reports and viewed TV footage of British Troops killed and maimed in Helmand, Afghanistan. I have thoughts of distressed families, friends and comrades with all nations lamenting the human sacrifice on both sides.


      WONDERS IN ALICELAND   -   A photographic parody of Lewis Carroll's classic fantasy story.

I have always admired Lewis Carroll and his fantasy stories of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. They evoke strong awareness of his exceptional talent for the absurd, curious and fantasy. To create a photographic new-life transition for Alice has been a long-held ambition. A parody seemed the right course; the familiar fantasy story, same function, but taken to visual incongruity. Images of illusion, distortion and nonsense and with instantly recognisable respected iconic symbols as 'Aliceware' provided that important link with Carroll. Alice now seen as a young woman of the 21st century engages on a confident quest, she's a seasoned Lolita, a rebellious, uncontrollable individual.


     WONDERLAND DREAMS OF COLOURS  - All together now! Vibrant, fast-moving designs from Beatrice von Tresckow

The name of Beatrice von Tresckow is synonymous with startlingly beautiful colours, beading and embroidery, in combinations that will leave you quite breathless. I photographed the outfits soon after completing an intricate parody of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The same location was used and her exuberant designs fitted so well within the lavish surroundings.



A short but forceful portfolio embracing eroticism and nudity, drawing from the film Blue Angel directed by Josef von Sternberg in 1930 - a voyeur's dream. The intimate and seductive nature of the photographs does much to immortalise Dietrich's character Lola, her adoration of being a "shared woman" thrills her. In the film the return of Lola's panties serves to enrage Rath her admirer, and when I photographed Erica she insisted that discarding her panties in the photographs would depict the perverted and corrupt truth about back-street nightclub life and women like Lola. I guess you'll be the judge.



  KOOKY CHIC    -    Adieu Neustaedter

A life of imagination helps me determine what I photograph. I never tire of skin and nakedness. A nude provides a fluency and elegance unlike any other form. Its grace is intrinsic, sincere and honest so too is natural light. This portfolio ‘Kooky Chic’ has been a labour of love. A year in the making I grappled with the idiosyncrasies of eroticism and provocative imagery, walking the razor’s edge between the barely acceptable and the downright pornographic. Voyeurism styles images well because we all appreciate a snatched look. Edginess is exciting.



There’s no mystery in the photographing of nudes and architecture; nothing odd or inaccessible or elitist with observing nakedness amongst, in this case, a lofty glass-walled space with city vistas into the distance. A minimalist expression pervades my 'Affinity of Contours' portfolio. The photographs are inclined to be more voyeuristic, due in part to glass expanses that invite inward-looking eyes. 



The love a man and a woman have for each other is quite a spectacular thing. Photographically the event has not been explored enough. Artists have strived to capture it in paintings and sculpture. Tales, myths and legends examined and beautifully transposed into artwork conveying the essence of love between men and women. Thisportfolio is a short escape to a calmer adult and responsible world. One of maturity and adoration making this album of photographs a singular unique occasion in my opinion.



A beautiful woman, a private moment alone. Is the camera no more than inconsequential voyeuristic apparatus indulging us, without reality's burdening puritanical ideology, to view what we cannot have except through photography's veil of imagination?


  SPECTATRIX  -  The feminine witness

A woman looks. She beholds; a feminine witness of all she surveys. Any other soul present within her sightline, to her just a voyeur.


LIFE INTERRUPTUS  -  Rarely is it “just-calling-to-say-hello”.  

Since the beginning of time until the moment Graham Alexander Bell’s invention became available it was necessary to be within earshot of somebody to conduct a conversation; the telephone changed all that. I offer a light-hearted delve into this realm with this portfolio, where feminine skulduggery lurks beneath the surface and provides an eccentric set of images.


THE STRAND GIRLS  -  Intimate photography of femininity with inescapable passion, panache and savoir-faire.

All photographic projects should demand an unconstrained approach; some elbowroom, if you will, to display the creator’s artwork to its full potential. The Strand Girls is a rather capricious venture, but is a free-willed body of work. The Strand is a chic and popular watering hole in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and a location I've used on two occasions. Photography combining femininity and edgy eroticism with the Strand’s ambience was an easy affair I am, I think a photographer who tugs at the edges of his ingenuity, and given the chance to work with talented models the results are always successful.


 FLAMINGO TINT - NEWSPRINT PINK COUTURE  - Pioneering pastiche of pastel fashion

A tribute to the Financial Times, its inherent ranking of distinguished international financial newspaper. Printed on light salmon pink newsprint from 1893 it has remained pink ever since. For a photographic project I was thinking more pastiche, advertising imagery. A simple idea, one of assembled photographs of intriguing scenes reminiscent of Jack Vettriano’s film noir style pictures. ‘If the FT did fashion it would naturally do it with perfected perfection’.


  Butterflies of the B I Z A R R E  -  B e c o m i n g   S c a n d a l o u s 

You know the feeling when for no apparent reason except for a strong desire to be outrageous; a little devil in your head urging you on, and you so want to do something that is scandalous. Androgynous behaviour was my focus and each photograph was taken with a sense of caution, like a musician sliding a note to create a soul. I adore a bit of imperfection, and this was the result.

  AFTER ARRIVAL, BEFORE DINNER - Solitude, secrecy and diversity

She is an independent, self-assured woman, capricious in nature, and when alone surrendering to winsome, obsessional behaviour for amusement. Often nakedness becomes a magnificent release, undressed, exposed an indisputably disentanglement of one life of business and travel, to one of privacy and freedom.






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