Well here I am. If you've any views, comments, suggestions, requests, just email me and let me know. I revel in sharing ideas and concepts. Collaboration is the core of my existence as it provides wonderful opportunities.

If any models, artists, MUA's, stylists, designers, tattooists, bodypainters/piercers, et cetera would like to collaborate on an idea or photoshoot, feel free to get in touch. Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible!

All enquiries to me should be emailed to:    mbgimmeahugltd@yahoo.co.uk


Models Wanted
I'm always seeking new models of either gender to work/collaborate with on photographic projects. So get in touch if you think you have a project to which I can contribute.

Photographic Commissions
Enquiries from the general public and business sectors are welcome. I do not undertake wedding photography. 

All my work can be bought as prints. Please contact me for prices.

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