Martin Billings has gone from assembling foot pump components to project-managing vast training and qualifications projects for the engineering industry. Somewhere along the way he managed to make money from photographing 1960s pop groups, completing a five year apprenticeship in London and working as a silversmith (a time of utter delight), part time teaching at evening classes, supervising product design, lecturing at university, managing national jewellery industry training, writing poetry, driving at Silverstone, managing a web business, and re-discovering photography. He however failed the interview to stack shelves at B&Q, a result that does not need examination nor ever will.

His acceptance of digital photography after years of conventional photography has provided ample time to explore its fascinating opportunities. His large online stock image libraries gives users free access to a wealth of material. His freelance photographer status brings creativity rewards and he has photographed at some exquisite stately homes such as Berkeley Castle and Broughton Castle and landmark buildings Tate Modern in particular amongst other notable locations. He abhors studios prefering locational work, where conditions seem pure and honest. He’s rarely short of photographic ideas and revels shooting in available light, its complexities and riddles seen only as interesting challenges. Spontaneity, serendipity and laughter are his key for success when photographing models, a good sense of humour and a devil for detail are  assets that serve him well.    

Martin lives in the Cotwolds with his wife, a slightly cluttered office, bedecked walls of his prints, a minimalistic garden with new trees, well-stocked [minnow’d] yet small pond, a well maintained lawn, and a high performance Japanese car.


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