The Little Red Jacket project started quite by chance when Erica bought a beautiful little red jacket in sumptuous leather from a little classy designer dress agency in Worcester in 2006. It had style, is chic, and the red leather soft, warm, and luxurious. It spawned an online photo-diary a popular site many visitors viewed. The Gimme a Hug sponsored project remains a piece of work in progress, but in reality very few photographs are taken as Martin’s photography developed new ideas and projects – the spirit of LRJ lives on through the understated kaleidoscopic images that he creates.


It isn't about saying how wonderful I think my photographs are - hopefully they speak for themselves. The aim is to entertain and inspire, have your imagination fired, your appetite whetted.

Satisfaction, and more importantly self-satisfaction, although as the term suggests it's a pleasure best enjoyed alone, is sometimes more rewarding when shared. I encountered one of these last summer while luxuriating amongst friends at a hotel. The warmth of the sun, the excitement of the crowd caused by the gaggle of scantily clad young women parading between small groups, had made the room hot. The open French windows leading to an elegant terrace did little to cool the salon, and looking for some air to dilute the raw scent of male excitement amid such feminine charms, I'd pulled down the top half of a sash window and was just sitting back down when an unshaven, plump man with a half-filled bottle of Dom Ruinart Rose in one hand and an empty champagne glass in the other looked up in excitement. "You have to pull up the bottom pane too," he announced, feasting on the moment as if it were an exotic
Chocolala's chocolate mango stick. "The hot air goes out the top," he cried, metaphorical juices running down his chin, "and cold air comes in the bottom."

This beautiful, simple and frankly life-enhancing piece of information was a gem. Now, as far as I was concerned, this prince among men had every right to be pleased, as he poured himself another glass of the exquisite liquor from the bottle with a grin on his face. Its 20 year vintage demanded attention and it certainly had mine. The complexity of this champagne, the Pinot Noir grape developing into something that is almost Burgundian is not far short of £230 a bottle. You see, there are some people who just like knowing how to do things purposefully.

Doing photographic things purposefully is rewarding. Tenacity runs alongside creativity in my photographic world. As things go, photographic snaps abound in their thousands today, probably more taken on smart phones than digital cameras. We see them every day and very few are remembered. But there is more to photography. The pictures that I love to create are sensuous and expressive images full of natural, happy eroticism, sensitivity and edginess. My penchant for using available light and a relaxed photo-documentary style, give my pictures a natural feel yet with some Cartier Bresson - Helmut Newton touches provide esoteric pictures. A keen sharp-eyed approach gives sensual and evocative images a story and might suggest irreverent handling of a subject, but considering the lasting effect of the photographs it's fair to say that my results are always formed from a love of life, an appreciation of cinematography, and a strong collaboration with the models. You watch your model carefully, what you mistook for vacancy is in fact passion, my purpose for capturing an acceptable vision of the contemporary female body.

A respectful admiration for the subject, and the entire scene’s light and ambience is how I approach image-making. Detail is never neglected and I explore every nuance and element of the set. A thematic angle is never far away while I shake off constraints of convention, never flinching from breaking rules and custom. In making photographs I'm absorbed with the completeness of the surroundings and merely fulfill a role of exposing the experience. Purposeful enterprise is alive and well in my work and may it continue.

MARTIN BILLINGS  -  26th March, 2012

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Creative Photographic Collaboration

I am open to all kinds of collaborations and commissions. If my past work speaks to you and you would like to discuss the possibility of us joining forces on a creative project of some kind, you are very welcome to get in touch. Similarly, if you have a query regarding my availability, the licensing of images, you'd like to acquire a print or you would simply like to initiate a conversation, dialogue often initiates some wonderful opportunities, feel free to drop me a line.


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